Watersheds which are monitored at regular time intervals and measuring the various processes continuously through instrumentation are called as experimental watersheds. watershed management requires an understanding of hydrologic variations due to changes in watershed characteristics over long periods. Geospatial database is required to assist with planning and management of resources in the watershed. Geospatial data base consists of boundary of the watershed, Land Use/Land Cover map, Soil map, Digital Elevation Model, Geomorphology, Geology, Stream network, location of rainguage stations which are prepared using open source geospatial tools. By making this geospatial database available on web will be useful for the watershed modellers, managers and policy makers. For the creation of web based geospatial database open source softwares like postGIS, postgre SQL, OpenLayers, GeoServer are used. In this paper the creation of web based geospatial database for the peechera experimental watershed located in Dharmasagar Mandal of Warangal District, Telegana is presented. Key words: Geospatial database, Open source GIS, Watershed.

Web-based geo spatial database creation for the experimental watershed

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