—Just a few year ago mapping was primarily used in cars for navigation but now it enables everything from lucrative location lased services to game changing autonomous driving in era of internet of things. Revolutionary computer technology given us method of sharing and computing data contributed by users called Crowdsourcing. This method give rise to user generated geographical information system such as OpenStreetMap (OSM). The problem with OSM is because of loose coordination and no top-down quality assurance processes and little knowledge about contributors their skills and devices used for mapping. So there is big challenge to the quality of OSM. There is a challenge to the quality of OSM. This paper focuses on the quality of assessment of OSM data as compare to Ordnance Survey data, we have assessed the logical consistency of both datasets and it has been concluded as crowdsourced data has got more no features mapped as compare to Ordnance survey data and comparable quality. But with lots of logical errors, It may not suitable for navigation purposes.

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The quality Assessment of OpenStreetMap

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