Geographic information System (GIS) have become a tool with widespread use in numerous application based on location. GIS engine/ platform play a crucial role in designing & developing any location based service software or geo spatial analysis software. There are numerous proprietary / COTS GIS software available in the market, however they are not technically and economically viable due to proprietary data formats, limited flexibility in enhancement of functionalities, high price, large number of deployment sites (number of license) and limitation of run-time resources. Open source software provides ample potential to build geo-spatial intelligence and analysis system. This paper illustrates development of a Military Application enabled GIS software for the Armed Forces by customizing Quantum GIS (QGIS). The developed software will enable the user to view, update, query and analyze geo-spatial information for effective operational planning. All open source software including Quantum GIS are built to incorporate generalized requirements of GIS. However, to meet the requirements of Armed forces, apart from general GIS functionalities, QGIS is customized via various methods including new plug-ins development in C++ and Python and some core code/ open source plug-in tweaking. The developed software has new / value added functionalities as under.  Military Grid for both DSM & Everest series mapping.  Map Sheet number on mouse move  Map locator based on place name or Geographic coordinates  Map indexing with extent (facility to identify new to old numbering system and vice versa)  Symbology in .svga format  Customized digitization work flow for various thematic features relevant to user via developing five plugins o Create data o Insert data o Retrieve data o Update data o Delete data  Customized geospatial report generation based on attribute data  Terrain Profile Analysis  Density Slicing  Road graph plugin for shortest path  Raster based change detection  History data Visualization and Analysis  Visualization of tagged image data from database  Shortest path analysis using PG Routing function of PostGre  Region of Interest Locator and Goto/Zoom to Location  Point to Point Line of Sight Analysis  Visualization of all raster / vector data loaded in layer manager as part of QGIS project in 3D mode using Terra Explorer software. The software is further interfaced with PostGre database for efficient storage & retrieval of the geo spatial data. Further, the history data is also maintained. Efforts are made to carry out the change analysis and predicting the trend in that region using this history data. The developed software solution is targeted for minimal dependency on COTS and an effort is made for dissemination of GIS tools to wider spectrum of defence users. Provision of military specific tools will also facilitate the users to exploit military geospatial database that may not be possible without customization of COTS. Moreover, the customization of COTS software may involve huge cost. Our efforts at DTRL is targeted towards standardization of GIS tools in Defence environment.

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QGIS Customization for defence needs

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