A presentation on a successful mapping experiment done at Koorachundu Village Panchayat, Kozhikode district, Kerala. The area still remain unsurveyed. The experiment was done in order to draw a map detailing the wards and important public institutions as per the orders from State Election Commission for election purpose. Village Panchayats need accurate base maps to prepare plans for its watershed based development projects and for administrative purpose. Koorachundu Village Panchayat did not have an accurate map earlier. This work was done through a participatory and modern way of approach. The Village Panchayat got a more accurate map through this experiment. The base document used was the ward delimitation document of 2010. The field survey was done using the GPS enabled Android smart phones. The Android apps such as GPS Logger, Keypad Mapper and OSM Tracker were used in field to record the GPS tracks and to collect point data. The field level survey was done only for four days with the help of ward level resource persons and OSM-GPS volunteers. JOSM (Java based OpenStreetMap editor) and iD (Web based OpenStreetMap editor) were used to upload and edit the tracks and point data to OpenStreetMap. The Microsoft Bing Imagery also was used for tracing the features in OpenStreetMap. After uploading and editing all the features, data was downloaded and processed using QGIS. Finishing works of the map was done using Inkscape vector editor. The accuracy of the resultant map is much higher than any maps that Village Panchayat ever had. The presentation also features the joint field verification efforts in the Village Panchayat with the help of surveyors from the Dept. of Survey & Land Records and the authorities at the revenue village offices of the area to draw an accurate Cadastral Map of the Village Panchayat. More details at: http://blog.smc.org.in/mapping-efforts-in-an-unsurveyed-land-koorachundu/.

Mapping efforts in an unsurveyed land – an Open Street Map experiment in Koorachundu Village Panchayat

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