Crowdsourcing is the process of bringing out required data, information and services from the larger like-minded group by enabling framework. Providing platform to create, share, organize Geodata is a challenge and maintaining high availability is the need of hour to ensure a sustainable environment to the users. In this paper, we discuss about various methods for crowdsourcing like public and controlled with moderation but main focus is given on organizing and disseminating them in more efficient way. We explain a real-time implementation of GeoTagging millions of features using Bhuvan. Various Open Source Software tools customized for realization of the framework are discussed. Cluster of Postgres and POSGIS are exploited to store the spatial components of Geodata from the crowd having High Availability, Load Balancing & Replication and sharing them through Geoserver towards interoperability. The non-spatial datasets are stored in the well structured file system with proper configuration for better read/write operations. PHP application hosted on Apache webserver is also tuned for effective handling of more http requests/responses. Thus, application server, web server and database server having connection with optimal file storage system is envisaged. Our near future enhancement also addresses the cloud for crowd by enabling services.

Handling Millions of files towards Cloud for Crowd Geodata

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