Spatial landscape modelling for identification of Biological Rich (BR) areas in Indian landscape was developed by Department of Space (DOS) and Department of Biotechnology (DBT) Govt. of India under national level project on Biodiversity Characterization at landscape level using RS&GIS. The spatial landscape model developed during the study is in desktop GIS environment using proprietary software solutions. The model have many limitations such as licensing issues, version compatibility, single user access, static pre-defined parameters etc. There is no possibility to include user defined GIS layer for further enhancement of the model. To overcome these issue an attempt has been made to develop modified version of spatial landscape model using R programming as a Web Processing Service (WPS) for multi-user access. The functionalities are further enhanced to describe the geostatistical computing of landscape thematic data such as vegetation type map, digital elevation model, social, physical etc. The computing was initiated by detail description of landscape analysis parameters such as fragmentation, patchiness, porosity, juxtaposition, interspersion and proximity analysis. The R project for geostatistical computing is the key open source environment for spatial data exploratory and advanced computational statistics. The geo-statistical computing presented in this study are based on R open source software comprising the raster, sp, rgdal etc packages. The different algorithms for landscape analysis parameter have been elaborated by using R programming and its graphical user interface Rstudio. Keywords: Geostatistics, landscape analysis parameter, R programming, OGC, WPS

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Geostatistical computing for spatial landscape modelling using open source technology

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