Tourism is an important, even vital, source of income for many countries. In the past few decades the developments in technology and transport infrastructure has helped in the growth of tourism in India. The scope of this application is focused on Indian Subcontinent. This provides an environment for the tourists to explore our motherland by visualizing the geographical locations of their area of interests through Geo-spatial web application using Drupal along with the other open source technologies. Also this application is a portal where users have their own registered account and can share their views of their visited places and comment on other user’s views. An attempt has been made to develop a lightweight Geo-spatial web application using Drupal as it is an emerging field of study. So from the user (tourist) point of view certain functionality were developed by making use of the geospatially enabled Drupal consisting of the modules namely Open layers, GeoPHP, GeoServer, Geocoder and other dependent modules with the WAMP web server configured to make use of PostGIS database as the spatial data generated during the study is organized as central data repository in Geo-RDBMS using PostgreSQL and PostGIS. The vector data is published as OGC WMS and WFS standard for development of web base Geo information System using Service Oriented Architecture. The WMS and WFS based system allows Geo-visualization, online query and map output generation based on user request and response. This is a Geo-information system which allows access to remote web services like Openstreet map, Google map etc. with overlay on Tourism Information data. The administrator of the application will be having the roles, services and responsibilities of handling the user’s accounts, maintenance of the site etc. The major functionality are, overlaying of layers consisting of different attractions as per user’s choice, Proximity location search where the user will be able to query the list of places around him/her within a certain distance, Open layers draw features to add their explored places to the application, Geo-Search for user’s area of interest, The sharing of Geo-Tagged images and much more. Currently this application runs on local host. The performance of this application in multi-user environment like Internet domain is a challenging task which is yet to be addressed. This application could be of highly useful for the society and in the development of the economy of our country.


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