GIS and remote sensing is an eminent technology for representing geographical properties and used to store, retrieve, and visualizing geographical data in a useful manner. This paper implements a GIS and web based Navigation system to represent geospatial information linked to environmental and infrastructure resources of the University. The proposed system is framed for the University of Calicut, Kerala, so as to support the University administration for the planning and development processes. This system uses two different types of layers: base layers and overlay layers. Base layers such as Google satellite, Google hybrid, and Google street maps are used for mapping and Overlays are used for representing infrastructure facilities including University buildings, roads inside the campus, water pipelines, OFC Cables, locations of the biometric punching machines and the environmental resources such as water bodies, vegetation, soil and rock. The open source GIS tools are used for the implementation of this work. It also discusses the potential of the open source and how it is used in web GIS application development. The proposed system also capable to display different geographical object parameters such as name, area, content, longitude and latitude values of the special and non-special resources within the University campus. As this web GIS application is built on a generic frame work, it could systematically support and solve many geospatial related decision making issues currently faced by many of the Indian Universities.

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FOSS Web GIS based Infrastructure and Environmental Planning for Universities

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