Madhya Pradesh experiences forest fires frequently every year with a peak during the months of February to May and it is estimated that the proportion of forest areas prone to fires annually ranges from 50-60%. So, effective forest fire management is needed to mitigate these fires. Fire danger indices are an important tool for fire and land managers. Forest-fire danger-rating systems provide a framework for organizing and integrating scientific knowledge and operational experience, and they are a cornerstone of modern fire management. In this study, Canadian Fire weather index will be tested for the state Madhya Pradesh and validated with MODIS active fire hot spots. Canadian fire weather system is a numerical method for rating fire danger based on weather parameters viz. Air temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind speed and Rain fall. In this study, Automatic Weather Stations data of Madhya Pradesh has been downloaded from the Meteorological and Oceanographic Satellite Data Archival Centre (MOSDAC) website and generated continuous surface by using interpolation techniques in QGIS software. Canadian fire weather index equations will be used to compute the fire danger over study area in QGIS software. MODIS TERRA and AQUA fire hot spots will be used for validating the results.

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Forest fire weather based danger rating for the state Madhya Pradesh

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