The planning and execution of any economic policy for the nation like India has to begin with villages. Government of India has recently launched new programmes like ‘Digital India’ which is an initiative to create the digital infrastructure, digital literacy; and ‘Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana’ which is a rural development programme broadly focusing upon the development in the villages. Rural utility management system serves as an efficient system, designed to customize and integrate web GIS system based on open source tools for effective dissemination, sharing and management of spatial information related to utilities in village and its development. The present study deals with the development of web interface for utility system for Gangadevipalli village in Telangana by using open source geospatial tools such as Openlayer and Geoserver. This Web interface will help the local people and the administration to efficiently mange and develop the existing utilities of this village.

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Development of Web Based Rural Utility System Using Open Source Geospatial Tools

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