In the recent times, design and implementation of desktop based disease outbreak detection system using open source technologies has always been a focused and challenging task. Health data has both the spatial and temporal variability in nature which is required to be mapped to have the clusters of the infected cases to understand the spreading of disease in an area. This paper outlines the development of desktop based disease outbreak detection system, a GIS tool by the use of open source applications like Python, Java and PostGIS along with interface design and database development whereas the WMS services of Bhuvan, Google Map and Geoserver has been used for the visualization purpose. Density base clustering approach has been used to map the point data and cluster formation. The data sets used for the study are standard health data generated by different government organization. The developed GUI will lead to detect clusters in the particular areas where the number of cases is much higher and results can be used to do the prospective and retrospective analysis to have the future scenarios generation to make the early decisions.

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Development of GIS based Disease Outbreak Detection System utilizing open source technologies

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