Availability of past, present and future status of land-use/ land-cover (LULC) information in a spatially distributed manner is vital for land-use planning, climate studies and understanding environmental implications. Simulating future scenarios of LULC requires understanding the linkage between LULC change processes and drivers (biophysical and socio-economic) of change. LULC change simulation models primarily fall in two groups: (1) empirical-statistical models, and (2) process-based models. This paper presents development of a Land Change Modeling Platform (LCMP) using open source tools and technologies following the statistical approach. The platform has been developed with embedded principle of integrated iterative modeling process by loosely coupling select, model, and analyse cycle. The software provides provision of suitability map generation based the logistics, linear regression or artificial neural network (ANN) technique. The established relationship between drivers and LULC class can then be analysed based on the statistical significance which helps the modeler to select the drivers for each LULC class to include in the modeling process. There is also a provision to include the spatial context and policy related features. The policy related features are addressed through demand variation by altering Markovian matrix and by defining LULC class inertia. It also has map visualisation module along with accuracy assessment. The developed modeling platform has been used to generate the future LULC scenarios in different river basins of India. Keywords: Land-use/ land-cover, LULC change, LULC modeling, Land change modeling platform, Open source tools Submitted to: FOSS4G-India 2015 National Conference on Open Source Geospatial Tools in Climate Change Research and Natural Resource Management, June 8-10, 2015, Dehradun, India.

Development of a Land Change Modeling Platform using Open Source Tools and Technologies

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