Conventionally, crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining information as an input into a particular task or project in the form of needed services, ideas, content or by requesting contributions from a crowd of people. Crowdsourcing is the prodigy of 21st century in the field of GIS for the purpose of generating crowd driven cooperative intelligence. Crowd is powerful resource capable of generating vast amount of content and information. Since crowdsourcing is necessarily an online phenomenon and not everyone has access to the Internet, no crowdsourcing application is accessible to all. Taking advantage of the rapid growth of mobile technologies and related infrastructure ODK (Open Data Kit) curbs the pitfalls of crowdsourcing. This paper highlights the development of IBIN (Indian Bio-resource Information Network) Android Mobile application utilizing crowdsourcing feature for collecting relevant information on plant, animal, marine, spatial distribution and microbial resources from a large group of people and providing these information to the professionals involved in bio-prospecting, marketing, protecting bio-piracy and conservation of bio-resources which further served to a range of end users. The application has been developed using open source technologies including ODK allowing data collection using mobile devices and data submission to an online server even without an Internet connection or mobile carrier service at the time of data collection. As mobile platforms become more common in crowdsourcing, research is required to figure out how best to maximize the benefits of place based data in crowdsourcing.

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Crowdsourcing application in bio-resource information retrieval

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