Use of free and open source GIS (Geographic Information Systems) tools (FOSS-GIS) to create Web GIS applications is increasing day by day. Technical features provided by FOSS tools are comparable to their proprietary peers. There is a variety of open source web GIS software freely available on the internet and they differ on parameters like ease of use, technology, complexity, support etc. In this research, open source software combination of MapServer and pmapper has been used to create a web GIS which provides information about the rural drinking water supply sources of Dept. of Water Supply & Sanitation (DWSS) in Punjab. Rural drinking water source (RDWS) information contains the details of the type of water source, date of commissioning, Scheme, Tubewell size, depth, coverage information, number of villages covered, strainer material and length, motor details, discharge, lithology details and location etc. Base layers like road, rail, canal, drainage, settlements, village, block and district boundaries add value to the database of RDWS in the state. This application has various tools like Pan, Zoom, Search, Identify and other common tools with the help of which a user can browse and search the data. The application also provides a comprehensive view about the spatial and non spatial data and can act as a decision support system for the DWSS officials, decision makers and planners.

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Creation of a Web GIS of Rural drinking water sources in Punjab using FOSS tools

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