Climate data is the very essential in the climate change, trend pattern and water resources studies. Most of the studies related with climate data are dealing with small areas but the climate data available are mostly global level or regional level. So retrieval of climate data for the area of interest is the cumbersome process. In order to overcome the difficulty developed a tool for retrieval of climate grid points using open source software R. A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is created using R, which takes the climate data in NetCDF format and returns the area of interest in the form of text file. This R code is later integrated with the QGIS. The R script created also able to project the obtained grid points in the DEM or shape file of the area of interest. Model tool has been verified for different climate model data. Keywords: Climate model data, Grid points retrieval, R language, QGIS.

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Climate Grid Point Retrieval by Integrating R With QGIS

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