Problem Statement: There is a rise in crime incidents all across India. A lot of people get victimized on a daily basis where they need help and need to be rescued as soon as possible. But it might happen that they may not be in a condition to dial any number or call. There is a need of a simple tool that may help them to convey the message that they are in the need of help. Objective: To help solve the aforementioned problem, we have designed an Android based application written in python using which victims or the people around the crime can send an SOS. As soon as the SOS reaches the server side tool, a marker gets placed on the map, pin pointing the location of the android device, based on which, required action can be taken. The server side tool can be used by the police department, or even any organization or company for its employee safety. Methodology: We are using all open source tools and technology for the implementation. Our client side is an Android application and server side is a Tool designed in PyQt4. Client Side Android application has a button which when pressed will read the device location (Longitude and Latitude), Device ID (IMEI-International Mobile Equipment Identity) and Subscriber ID (IMSI-International Mobile Subscriber Identity). To read this information, application uses an Android module in Python for Android. SL4A Interpreter is used for interpretation of python code on Android device. HTML technology is used for the design of GUI of the application. Server Side This is a simple tool designed in PyQt4 which shows all the information received from the client. We are using Geopy module which geocodes the address from the Latitude and Longitude data. Device location is shown on the GUI using Google maps. Summary: By designing this Android application we hope victims get some help with just a single click of a button.

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Android based Crime Mapping using python

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