The contribution of large community in Volunteered geographical Information (VGI) projects and crowdsourced data leads to global and freely available geodata. OpenStreetMap (OSM) project has gained popularity as leading VGI platform for providing open-content world map geodata in past few years. The geodatabase consists XML tags and spatial information regarding LandUse, Buildings, Railways etc. which can be used in public domain. OSM allows users to tag geodata which increases usability and easiness but at the same time the problems like missing values in tags already defined by wiki OSM project and semantic similarity in tags defined by contributors exists. In this article, spatial information available for India geodata is analysed using an open source tool Konstanz Information Miner (KNIME). The results show that 85.54% of buildings geodata consists of missing tags values, 59.54% LandUse is avaliable for residential purpose,31.1% of waterways are through streams,46.6% residential roads exists in India geodata.

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Analysing OpenStreetMap tags Using KNIME

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