aeGIS – anytime everywhere Geographical Information System helps cities get a bird’s eye view of their situation and their needs, using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) technology. Photograph a city from space, magnify it, look at a few streets in any area, and then send in survey teams to fill in the blanks from the streets up – how many people live there? How many have access to water and sanitation? Are the roads in need of repair? How many people keep livestock? Which junctions are the most overcrowded? Armed with answers to such questions it is far easier and cheaper to bring improvements at the grass-roots level. The information gathered and researched provides a database of statistics and indicators on the state of urban development around the world. The information provided enables policymakers as well as administrators to monitor implementation of Local Area Development goals to significantly improve the lives of citizens, in this case, 10,000 citizens of Sreekariyam Ward in Thiruvananthapuram. As a computerized system for the storage, retrieval, visualization, analysis and modeling of spatial information, aeGIS greatly facilitates different stages of the urban planning process. The growing user friendliness, affordability and performance of GIS in recent times, has further enhanced its utility as an effective planning support system. If constraints in the use of GIS such as data availability and skill limitations can be overcome, open source GIS can provide excellent support for the planning of harmonious cities.

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