Digital globes like OpenStreetMap (OSM), Sahana Eden, and WorldMap are offering user friendly GIS features for public utility. Geospatial data located on a Map helps decision makers to be able to make more meaningful decisions and mapping clients can combine data from both existing geospatial database and a range of external sources to provide a rich environment for display and analysis. Quantum GIS is a shining example for this. Individual cases of Geospatial data requirement of Indian cities may need further elaboration than existing attribute schema of OSMs Open Geospatial data. This paper deals with a case for the City of Mysuru, with a well developed vector data on OSM; thanks to a dedicated group of contributors hailing from the University of Mysore. A scheme of action from updating the OSM data using OsmAnd an Android based mobile application, to downloading OSM vectors through JavaOpenStreetMaps, adding as a PostGIS database after modifying attribution and serving the data through Geoserver in an Openlayers environment resulting in namma-mysuru.org is explaied in this paper. The resultant website namma-mysuru.org can showcase themes of societal use like, Sewage, Garbage disposal, water distribution, Slums, Elementary Schools other than, roads, traffic, bus-stops, bazars, hotels etc. For desktop GIS the website also provides Web Feature Service (WFS) to view/download the themes and analyse with other existing themes. Keywords : Open Street Maps, Open Web GIS, Open Geospatial data.

A Web GIS template for Societal-GIS: namma-mysuru.org

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